What if you could steadily create your empowered life and have your dream business growing, Generating income making an impact without overwhelm and overspend?

YES! You Can! ~Lets 



To transform your life and business.


"You are valued..."

"...you are special, you have potential, you matter, you can take your life to the next level, your light is ready to come forth so you can shine bright like a diamond and make a world of difference".

When my daughter started primary school, we thought she was extroverted, she had so many friends everyone liked her. 

She wore her heart on her sleeves.

One day she came home with a circle and wrote in it.



When I decide to relaunch Women's VIBE I was reminded of how love is the most powerful force and we can use it in the professional and business world to make a difference. My daughter was never afraid of loving people, and neither will I. 


By the way, we found out she is introverted after all, she started to show that when she got into her teens, her circle of friends got smaller (lol!)

Women's VIBE Circle is:



Patience Ogunbona

Transformational Business and Leadership Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Best Selling Author



Calling all Introverted, Heart-Centred, and Purpose-Driven Career Driven and Business Women seeking to build an aligned business, I have some exciting!!! news to share with you.

Join The Women's Visionary Introverted Business Empowerment (WOMEN'S VIBE) Startup and Rise Up - Build Your Business with Solid Foundations With These Outcomes :
  • Develop and grow yourself 
  • Learn how to harness your introvert strengths
  • Get a solid start in business
  • Increase your business knowledge and grow it
  • Create visibility for your business
  • Grow your connections

If you are saying Yes!!! then join Women's VIBE


Join Now and get the Relaunch Price!!









Are you a woman on a mission?


I am helping more women step into their brilliance.  With the trying times that we are in, being able to find a place where you can maintain positivity, tenacity, productivity, self-belief and make progress is very life changing.

That is why this Membership is about you, your goals, ideas, dreams and the difference you want to make in the world.  Together we will create the life and business you have always wanted.

Being in the right place, right powerful community with the right support is the key to success.  

I am super excited to be sharing this Breakthrough opportunity with you.

I have very limited spaces (20) for ambitious, mission and purpose-driven women. 

THIS Membership IS FOR YOU IF:

  • You have been looking for a membership and group¬†to grow and develop yourself, career, business ideas and spiritual all in one¬†
  • You are looking to release your potential and go places¬†
  • You want a balanced and fulfilling life¬†
  • You want to be in a supportive environment and support other women¬†
  • You want to beat procrastination, complacency, and lack of progress and start to generate recurring income.¬†
  • You want to increase your self-belief
  • You believe this is your time now!
  • You are looking to take your¬† life and business to the next level


Hey! I am Patience....  

I am passionate about living an empowered life .  I am also a visionary, that means I love to innovate and create. Helping other women do the same is my genius zone. Entrepreneurship is one of the most potent ways of achieving freedom of expression, creativity and fulfilment. 

The visionary introverted woman is generally full of ideas to implement. It is about guiding you to bring those ideas to life.

However, whatever you choose to do, developing unwavering self-belief, courage and confidence is key. Having someone in your corner helping you to get to your dream destination is invaluable, "as the saying goes, a burden shared is a burden halved"

I will be your cheerleader and accountability partner.  I am an Accredited  Transformational Business and  Leadership Coach, Disc Personality Expert, Speaker, and Trainer.  Some have called me a "Treasure Hunter and Transformation Queen", and I love to see myself as such.

I am bringing together my wealth of knowledge acquired from my training, setting up my own business, coaching and mentoring other women to do the same. 

I am super excited to help you make this journey to greatness! 

To Your Success,


Transformational Coach /CEO ATI Coaching


"The membership is very useful for anyone that would like to take their business to the next level or just starting up and needs support and guidance."

Lizzy Daniel
Emotional Intelligence Life Coach

"I have gained good sound knowledge on business principles and how to apply them. Your friendly and very helpful nature provides an opportunity for me to share openly my thoughts and ideas without feeling embarrassed or intimidated. I can see that you main aim is for me to advance and create the business that I love."

Carol Carty

"Working with Patience has been great. Her professionalism, focus, hardwork, knowledge has enabled work on my own success. Attending a few of Patience's programmes has definitely helped me develop a mindset and roadmap for progress and success."

Yetunder Akeju
Social Care Manager and Entrepreneur

"Working with Patience over these few months really has become invaluable. Coaching with Patience has given me the kick start that I needed. It has enabled me to look at my skills values and knowledge. Start to build momentum, capacity and really ‚Äúburn the boat‚ÄĚ! In summary, Patience is authentic, caring and my biggest cheerleader. Since working with Patience, I have been asked to collaborate on a training entitled ‚Äúwrite to heal ‚Äú. Secured my first paid speaking appointment and my first paid training session which happens in March 2020. I have also spoken in front of 800 people."

Roxanne Noel
Resilience Coach and Mental Ill Health and Recovery Trainer

"I attended one of Patience's 5 week Aspire to Transform sessions. I found her very professional and wanting to make sure I got the best out each session. I now have a better understanding of why I am going into Business and where I need to go from here."

Yvonne Gwam
HR Consultant and Social Entreprise Entrepreneur

"Patience is simply brilliant. Her knowledge and expertise as a transformational coach is amazing. She over-delivers each time. If you want to transform your life or your business, you need Patience."

Iyete Apeji

Are you ready to discover your SUPERPOWERS?

This Membership is for women of PURPOSE, who ASPIRE to be more in their life and business, who are tired of the status quo and DESIRE more from life. You want a great all round life and BELIEVE it is possible.  

Women who would seize the bull by the horn and become a voice in their homes, community and the world at large. A person seeking to use their gift and talents to change their lives, those of their families and leave a lasting business legacy. These are the kinds of women for this membership...

Think of it as your all in one Hub for CONNECTION, INSPIRATION, streamlined, COACHINGMENTORINGCOMMUNITY and SUPPORT to help you discover, develop, design and deliver your dream life and business. 

The journey to discover success can be lonely, you can feel lost and discouraged and don't know where to start or continue. You can struggle to find support within your current community and people around you....

I work with women like you to develop their self-belief and dream life or business. Having been on my own journey, I know that the number 1 accelerator for success is support, accountability and community. When you have the right one you can keep momentum going and get some cracking results.


£95 per month
Join women's vibe circle now!

So.....what do I GET for this?

On-demand resources for Personal, Leadership, and  Business Building and Growth

Monthly Meet-ups

Book Club

Discounted membership of the Speaker Club and leadership certification training

Opportunity to be featured on our social media and offline platforms

Opportunity to feature as member of the month in our community

Opportunity to earn affiliate income

Monthly Workshops and Masterclasses including guest speakers

Discount for special  on and offline events

Discounts for Retreats

So.....what are you waiting for?

  • You will notice  life transformation if you put in the time and effort
  • You will get to develop strategies for business success
  • You will feel empowered to tackle your goals head on and get support to do so
  • You will have expert training for key elements of your growth and business journey 
  • You will find it easier to commit to action and follow through because of the weekly resources 
  • The sky is not the limit, you can soar as high as you want, you only need keep dreaming, believing and acting on your goals


All this for only £95 a month?

Frequently Asked Questions

You are in the right place and this membership will work for you if:

1. You are ready to get unstuck

2. You want to put in the hard work to thrive

3. You believe that everyone makes their own luck and luck is what happens when faith meets action

4. You know that support and accountability will help you to make progress and beat procrastination

5. You want to take your business ideas to that next level and get results


But, this membership is not for you if:

1. You are not ready for change and want to keep thinking about change, rather than working towards it

2. You are not ready to do what it takes to succeed

3. You are too fixed on feelings rather than action.

4. You are not good or great at taking responsibility for your growth and success.

5. You are looking for shortcuts, rather than sustainable strategies for success.


  1. On demand resources for Business Building and Growth
  2. Monthly Meet-ups
  3. Book Club
  4. Discounted membership of Speaker club
  5. Opportunity to feature in our magazine and calendar
  6. Opportunity to feature as member of the month in our community
  7. Showcase your business
  8. Discount for masterclasses
  9. Discount for quarterly events
  10. Discounts for Retreats

You get Monthly Content Based on a 5 Step Success Pathway that includes 

  1. Get Perspective, to Start Your Transformational Journey
  2. Building Consistency
  3. Develop the Money and Success Mindset
  4. Lead Your Life
  5. Build Your Transformed and Empowered Life 

Yes! you can choose to cancel anytime. But remember the reason you joined in the first place to go at a pace that helps you avoid overwhelm and overspend, but still get the support you need to fulfill your business dreams and ambitions. 

With most things, it takes at least 90 days before you start to see very big shifts, so my encouragement to you is to persevere for a while, talk to me about canceling, and if it is not definitely working after that cancel. 

Speaking to me will help you know what your best options are. 



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