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"Win Your Day"

Journal & Planner by

Patience Ogunbona

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"Win Your Day In 15 Minutes or Less"

This journal is designed exclusively for introverted female entrepreneurs.

Discover a journal tailored to your unique needs, one that recognizes and embraces your introverted nature while empowering you to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

Patience Ogunbona created this journal after experiencing burnout trying to live life and run a business in an extroverted world, with all the noise around. Not finding the right tools, she sought to use her challenges and those of clients to research how to do and achieve more with less.


"Win Your Day in 15 mins or less" provides a streamlined approach to productivity, ensuring that you can conquer your daily tasks and make progress towards your dreams without feeling overwhelmed.

Why Buy This Exciting Journal?

Would you like to be organised and be able to prioritise and achieve daily success, by creating “lean and free-flowing processes” like a pro?

Do you want to be more organised? Are you an incurable introvert with lots of ideas swirling in your head causing you to overthink?

Patience was the same. She tried to find solutions but found that resources out there for productivity and performance were one-sided, and overwhelming and didn’t really address her needs fully or create the free flow she wanted. So instead she created her own resource - the "Win Your Day in 15 Minutes or Less" Journal.

If you are a multitasker, a perfectionist, and someone who loves fun, inspiration, and creativity, but may struggle to feel you can achieve peak performance, this journal and planner is for you!

Plus leave a review on Amazon once you have purchased the Journal and get free access to a "Win Your Day" mini course worth $147!

When Patience was creating the journal, she thought of the ant, sometimes called “the drudge,” which means someone who performs monotonous, unpleasant tasks with energy and efficiency.

The ant is able to accomplish so much, although tiny and with limited resources and time. They became the inspiration for creating an efficient system that utilises strengths and its unique personality to create effective daily accomplishments.

In business, you have to wake up each day with energy, know what to do first and best be consistent and efficient to generate sustainable results.

Instead of a “bug standard” journal, The "Win Your Day in 15 mins or Less Journal" is a comprehensive, exciting tool, planner and resource which you can use to take charge and direct your life and business.

Get ready my dear Introverted Female Entrepreneurs. Let’s Win The day Together

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“Go to the ant, oh lazy one; consider her ways, and be wise, which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, she prepares her food in the summer and brings in her provisions [of food for the winter] in the harvest”.

- Proverbs 6, 6-8


The Ant might be small but it knows its strengths and its end goal.  The small steps taken daily will lead to bigger and bigger wins for you.


Like the ant, when you find yourself, you will find your way.

Patience Ogunbona (FCCA, CIA, IAPC&M)

is an Accredited Executive Business and Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author and Member of the Presidential Advisory Council of the Maxwell Leadership Team.

Patience is the founder of The Visionary Introverted Woman brand. She has over 18 years of experience working in service-based businesses as a Chartered Internal Auditor helping them develop strategies to overcome barriers to accomplishing their goals.

Patience believes that introversion gives her purpose. Alongside her passion for leadership, corporate training and speaking, she has used her introverted strengths to thrive and stand out in an extroverted world.

Her signature programme, The ALIGNED INTROVERT METHOD (T-AIM) is designed to help ambitious, highly skilled, multi-passionate, driven and empathic introverted women create an aligned and authentic business that achieves impactful presence and positions them as an authority in their marketplace so they can generate consistent leads, clients and profit.

Patience lives in the United Kingdom and has been married for 26 years with two lovely children. She loves reading, writing, puzzles and adventures.


"Win Your Day"

Journal & Planner by

Patience Ogunbona

Yes! I Want This Journal